2016, July
Profession Server-side software engineer (Java) interested in concurrency and distributed systems.
Bio I was born in Mogilev, Belarus, moved to Moscow, Russia, where I studied at MIPT and got my MSc in applied mathematics and physics. Now I live in Calgary, Canada.


A place where I share things (mostly those related to my profession) with humanity. Humanity … do I like it? Let's say, I have mixed feelings. I love the song though!

The story behind the name DEAD<code/> is straightforward: the majority of code that software engineers write in their spare time ends up being unused, i.e. being dead—hence the name.


This particular page is about sharing something with regard to my personality rather than technical things. Here are a few examples of lyrics and quotes/sayings I like:

I like to play computer games and spent a lot of time playing Quake and Unreal Tournament series at university and for some time after graduating. I am still playing, but mostly non-competitive games because they do not require investing time regularly. My nickname is Male sometimes with the tag stInc. This tag is now quite useless because I suppose I am the only one who still uses it. stInc means Starfuckers Inc, or sometimes it may mean "stink" 😛 I also was taking part for 3 years in developing (unfortunately mobile) games at ZeptoLab.

Following are examples of YouTube channels I am subscribed to and watching regularly, which may tell you something about my interests beyond professional ones:

  1. Albert Einstein went even further than Lewis Carroll in his general theory of relativity, which tells us that in curved spacetime a body must have non-zero proper acceleration (it may be measured by an accelerometer) to stay in the same place. See "Is Gravity An Illusion?" (at 9:56) by Derek Muller for a popular science explanation.