3D Billiards

This game is a computer science project made by students at MIPT. The greater part of all programming was made by me with some help of Roman Prokofyev, the model of a billiard table was made by Vladimir Muzychenko. The game has tons of bugs, but somehow it works 😅

By the time I started this project, I had about 1.5–2 years of experience with computer; before that I was not even able to copy a file in Windows. Despite the game is quite poor, this page is here to keep memories about the very beginning of what later became my career.

  1. Demo video
  2. Requirements
  3. Controls
  4. Physics params
  5. Known issues
  6. Download links

Demo video


Operating system Windows XP or newer

I tried on Windows 10 and it works. 👍 for the backwards compatibility, Microsoft!


Rotate viewpoint Move the mouse to the edges of the screen.
Zoom in/out Mouse wheel up/down or Page Up / Page Down.
Hit a ball Left-click anywhere to prepare the hit, then choose a ball by left-clicking on it. Then right-click to choose the direction and the force of the hit. Press "Next" and left-click to choose the point on the ball where to hit, right-click to to restore the point to the center. Press "Done" to hit, press "Cancel" to abort.
Open in-game menu Right-click.

Physics params

Physics params are stored in .\Data\Physical characteristics\VALUE.VAL and one may play with them.

Known issues

The process appears to not respond to input after starting. Press Esc to close the splash screen.
The screen appears frozen after changing the display resolution. F1 loads default display settings. If this does not help, stop the process e.g. by pressing Alt + F4 and launch it again.
I cannot see the menu/fonts in the game. Maybe the required font is not installed. F2 tries to load another font, F3 loads the default game font.